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Resources for Young-Onset Bowel Cancer

This page is designed to support individuals with bowel cancer by offering essential information on diagnosis, treatment options, and living with cancer. It provides insights into managing health, making informed treatment decisions, and navigating the healthcare system effectively. Whether you're seeking understanding or guidance, this resource is here to help you through every step of your journey.

What is young-onset bowel cancer?

Young-onset bowel cancer refers to bowel cancer that is diagnosed in individuals who are typically under the age of 50. While the term "early-onset" is sometimes used, we prefer "young-onset" to describe this condition. The term "early-onset" can misleadingly imply that the disease has started earlier than expected, whereas "young-onset" more accurately reflects that the diagnosis is occurring at a younger age.

Is this an exhaustive list of resources?

No, this list barely scratches the surface of what you'll want and need to know about young-onset bowel cancer. But we're working hard to bring you more resources, so check back often for updates. If you want to get involved in writing or reviewing our resources, we're always looking for bright minds to help us, so please contact us.

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