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What is an oncologist?

The traditional definition of an oncologist is a doctor that specialises in treating cancer, but what you'll need and should expect from your oncologist is so much more.

A doctor who specialises in treating cancer is usually known as an oncologist. In the past, cancer treatment by an oncologist was done mostly using chemotherapy. But cancer treatment has come a long way meaning your oncologist may have a number of tools to use, such as immunotherapy and targeted therapies.

The role of an oncologist goes way beyond just providing treatments. Your oncologist is the central person in your medical team. It's their job not just to treat your cancer, but to empower and educate you as their patient so you can better understand your cancer journey.

Your oncologist is like the captain of a big team; they make sure all the different parts of your treatment work well together. They're not just there to handle your medical treatment; they also help you understand what's happening, make you feel more in control, and look out for your overall well-being. This means they can guide you in taking care of your mental health as well as guiding you on the level of physical activities that are good for you and will assist you during treatment.

In short, while oncologists are the go-to experts for cancer treatment, they do a lot more. They teach you about your illness, help you feel empowered, and coordinate a team that supports you through your cancer journey. They make sure you get the full care you need, not just the medical bits.